In 1972, the government passed a federal law to ensure that women were granted the same opportunities in school afforded to men. But in an effort to push a political agenda, the government has decided to reinterpret those laws and require public schools in North Carolina to open up restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities to people of the opposite sex. This means that schools must let boys in the girls’ facilities and vice versa, a violation of students’ constitutional right to bodily privacy. If public schools in North Carolina don’t comply, students face the prospect of their schools losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.

What’s at Stake:

  • Federal financial aid for all students at state colleges and universities in North Carolina
  • Federal funding for all public schools in North Carolina, which could have significant impact on socioeconomically disadvantaged students and those suffering with disabilities

The Big Picture:

If the federal government can bully North Carolina into opening up restrooms, showers, and changing facilities regardless of biological differences, the privacy and safety of all students, particularly girls, is at risk. The federal guidelines merely require men to state that they identify as women to enter the women’s facilities. There is no requirement that they actually wear women’s clothing or otherwise present themselves as women. This creates a major loophole for men with ill intentions to access women in intimate facilities. In addition, these guidelines ignore victims of sexual abuse and the real trauma that they can experience by disrobing in the presence of men who take the opportunity to use the girls’ facilities.

Take Action

You have the opportunity to make a difference and let your voice be heard! Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of North Carolinians for Privacy, a group of students and parents who are fighting back against this outrageous government coercion.

You can help protect the privacy and security interests of other students in North Carolina by joining “North Carolinians for Privacy.” Every voice counts. There is no cost, and you will not be responsible for any attorney fees associated with the lawsuit. Also, every legal effort will be taken to ensure that your identity is not revealed to the public without your consent.

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